Thursday, August 09, 2012

More stash busting hats

I really love making hats -they are so  easy and functional and fun :)

Here's some of the stash busting hats -I've taken all my little bits of spinning that have no home or are too small to be sold as a skein and am making hats.
Some are adult others are kid sized all depends on how much yarn is left - I do have plans to make some yarn for the purpose of other projects and am figuring out a pattern to use with this AMAZING roving from Maggie -its so pretty and I know its a one of a kind as all of her roving is :)  Shawl?? Vest?? not sure yet but will keep ideas flowing.


Maggie's Farm said...

Please knit one with cables for me - natural gray!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

If I knew how to knit cables I would -maybe I'll have to figure that out next!!!
Kim and the crew