Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tomorrow we go to the Dogs again ;)

Its the 25th year of the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials - starting today with the Nursery Dogs running and culminating in the much vaunted double life championship Sunday!

Cornerstone Fibres will be there for three days with our fibres, handspun yarn and more!

Stop by and see us and the dogs too -they are after all the stars of the show. Along with the legendary Waupoos sheep -these sheep run wild on an island all year long and have never seen a sheep dog till these trials -this way each dog faces an unknown entity with these sheep. And boy are these sheep wily!!  Would HATE to have to try to shear these wild things.

We'll be at the Grass Creek Park -just outside of Kingston on Hwy #2  -9am to 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See you there !!!

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andrea said...

hopefully we'll see you!