Monday, December 31, 2012

Meet Bogie

On the last day of the year as we look back at the memories -some good, some sad we also look forward with hope for 2013.
Today we decided to let our hearts be broken once more by a new member of the kitty clan -meet Bogie a year and a half rescue from the local shelter. Bogie was found wandering the streets in October and is only up for adoption now so this tells you this boy has had it rough.
His sad eyes and cries could not be ignored through the cage bars and his little paws reaching out to grab us as we walked by spoke to both of us so home he went with us.
He has to get use to the dogs and us but we hope to have many happy new years together with him :)
Blessing to all of you this last day of the year.
May you find peace and happiness every day of your lives.
Right now my heart is so full of joy I can hardly speak -I have been claimed by another kitty!
This morning was listening to the Les Mis soundtrack and when they got to the point "now bring me prisioner 24601 -your time is up and your paroles begun. Do you know what that means? Yes it means I free" he started purring on my lap as if to say yes I'm free from those cages :)

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Somerhill said...

I've never met a blue cat that I did not love.