Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry for the delay was distracted by fibre!!

Maggies sent me home with some of her stunning fibre from Rhinebeck. I have spun it up and the plan is to knit the Top down cardigan pattern I purchased at Rhinebeck for it. Itas a pretty little cropped top with half sleeves pattern that is suppose to be simple. We'll see :) Good thing I've got some fabulous stitch markers from Henya -  to keep myself organized and marked :)

Here's the fibre and the yarn for your viewing pleasure.

On the bunny front 4 new satin angoras arrived safe and sound -picture will be posted when they get some fur on them -right now they look like shiny little rats LOL.
Next up on the wheel is some springy and soft Rambouliet also from Maggies Farm.

HUGS all


Jody said...

Those batts spin up beautifully! What gorgeous yarn.
I luv satin angora and have a few different colours of it in my stash.

Anonymous said...

beautiful yarn!

Maggie's Farm said...

Your spinning is exquisite. I love what you do with my Mother Fiber!