Monday, October 18, 2010

We interupt the Rhinebeck update

My dear friend Henya stopped by Maggies booth on Sunday bringing two of her adorable daughters with her to drop off some of her amazing stitch markers (you can find your own trasures on her website at  Her talented husband Eli designed her website and her beautiful poster for display. They are working on immigrating to Israel to join family there- very exciting!! She told me her daughter loves the baby bunny pictures on my blog :) So today while out at the barn I took some update pictures of the three babies we have in the barn now - see how they've grown. They are almost as cute as Henya's beautiful daughters :)  I have to get out of the van the beautiful treasures Henya so graciously gifted me with -we got home so late last night we didn't unload a thing.

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Henya said...

Thank you Kim! DD #1 loved the bunnies. She enjoyed Sheep and Wool so much and now wants to know how soon I will start on her sweater.
Right after we finish our clean up from the kitchen fire.