Friday, October 29, 2010

We can only ponder why.........

Monday we received a phone call every family dreads to get bad news, very very bad news.
Daryl's cousin Kim and her son Gavin were involved in a serious car/train accident Monday.  Gavin who was 12 did not survive the crash. Kim continues to struggle for her life at the hospital. I got off the phone and looked into the sweet eyes of my own 12 year old and burst into tears.  Kim is my age, her and her husband Frank were married the same year as Daryl and I, and Gavin and Jared were born three weeks apart.  He was their only child. At times like this the only word we can ponder is why?? We don't know the time we are given on this earth we can only be thankful for every day we are given. I cannot even fathom the loss for Kim and Frank.

Saturday will be the memorial service for Gavin.
If you can please send up good thoughts or prayers for Kim and Frank.


Anonymous said...

Kim, our family has you in our thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry for your pain. Gina

Maggie's Farm said...

So sorry, Kim. How horribly tragic. So very sorry.