Monday, October 04, 2010

Surprise babies!!!!!!

Okay I am flabergasted and gobsmacked. Came home from the Syracuse Rabbit show yesterday with a wonderful surprise awaiting me. After three years of trying and praying and hoping Karma my regsitered black golden steel girl successfully kindled!!!  Here's the huge surprise I didn't know she was bred. Peggy bred her but said nothing till now :) Two of the most ADORABLE broken kits are in the box. One is black the other is chocolate -both may steel as their dad Minnesoda (registered broken black) also carries steel.  Picture will be posted as soon as she settled down. I was barely allowed a peek before she got snarly.
Here's a picture of Karma in all her glory -she is soooo stunning!  Not social by any means of the imagination. Her name is a bit of a joke as the expression is "Karma is a bitch"  LOL. She is the spitting image of her grandmother Sommerhill's Calpyso, her mother was Deja Vu cause she was her mother all over again.

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