Saturday, October 02, 2010

Looking back 15 years

Today is another special day in the Parkinson household. 15 years ago today Shenanigans picked us to be his forever home :) He's way slower than he was back then and wayyyy bigger too.
Here he is the first day he was home with us newleyweds. He found us in the mall parking lot and tried to hide under the car -he looked dirty brown but once he had a bath he turned into the stunning little orange tabby he still is today.  He was joined by Grimjack that winter and for 14 years they were inseperable.  Today he keeps Nemesis in line as he will always be #1 kitty.

His name sure reflects his personality -a laugh a minute and always fun. And Java loves the old boy -even though the feeling is not always returned.
Thank you for picking us Shenanigans - we love you!

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