Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spin, Spin and Spun

Today I thought I'd show you some of the yarns I have been working on - mostly just for myself but all are for sale if somebody is interested :) A great deal of it was custom dyed by my 8 year old son Jared who occasionally sells it on eBay under his own label Jazzy designs by Jared. He's truly a talented dye wizard and I love his work almost as much as his customers who eagerly snatch it up.

From top left:

4 ounces brushed mohair 2ply -dyed by Jared in a colourway he calls Summer Sunset $25Cdn

4 ounces brushed mohair 2ply - dyed by Jared in a colourway he calls Spring Days $25Cdn

2 skiens of superwash wool - single ply spun -enough to make a small/medium pair of socks -wonderfully soft $30Cdn

4 ounces chocolate alpaca/bombyx silk 4oz 2 ply $20Cdn

5 ounces corriedale -blues, pinks and a hint of lavender -great for socks or a hat $25 Cdn

5 ounces polwarth -koolaid dyed by Jared 2 ply $25Cdn

1.5 ounces of 2ply pure black angora -wonderfully soft and warm -great to trim a hat or sweater- or would make a fabulous beret or lace scarf $18Cdn

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