Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Bunnies Everywhere!!

Its baby bunny time here it seems :) 9 New German angoras arrived a week ago to RM's Whimsey out of Maggie's Farm Big Daddy -all healthy little balls of baby. We also had a single arrival to our registered chestnut satin angora-1 GC leg doe RM's Shimmer out of our new broken chestnut satin angora buck HH's Patch -the chestnut baby who is a porker has been named "Fats Domino" .

My sons REW Jersey Wooly Doe RM's Boston gave both to 7 healthy babies out of his favorite old buck Starbuck's Yugi-oh -registered blue. The nicest surprise was finding out Boston carries the broken genetic as 5 of the 7 are perfectly marked brokens -looks like blues, smoke pearl and black along with the two solids -smoke pearl and siamese sable. Pictured above.

Last but not least our VM (vienna marked -carries BEW genetics) tort English angora Doe Candy's Amber gave birth to 5 beautiful babies out of Heart-O'mines Chippie -regsitered chocolate agouti -2 GC legs she has one solid black, a lilac and three VM marked blacks. Pictures to follow as I get he camera out to photo all of them. It's baby bunny time and we're not done yet

Due end of the month we have:

Jentlelops Autumne (Black pointed white) Jersey Wooly X Bella Bunnies Cash (regsitered smoke pearl)
HH's Glitter (copper) Satin Angora X HH's Patch -(broken chestnut agouti) Satin Angora
RM's Tasi (Black) New Zealand X RM's Fryer Tuck (Black) New Zealand
RM's Stasi (Blue) New Zealand X Diju's Discovery (Blue) New Zealand
-both carry the dominant and dilute genes so whites,blues and blacks are possible

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