Wednesday, July 19, 2006

HARE We are!! Our first adventure in TV land

Hey all:
On July 13th Kim and bunnies were invited to take part in the new TV show "This is Emily Yeung" -this episode will preview on Treehouse TV in September -no exact date yet. It was loads of fun - Miss Emily was a darling host -loved the bunnies and thought spinning was loads of fun. Can't wait to see the episode in whole. Hopefully the camera doesn't add 10lbs people would think the bunnies weigh way more than they really do! And Bijou -lady that she is doesn't like her weight discussed in public.

It was very HOT in Toronto where the shoot took place -fortunately there was lots of shade trees for the bunnies as well as bottled water and carrots to keep them happy. After all they are the real stars -definetely not me.

Emily particularly liked "Crowe" a junior black english angora buck and "Iceman" a junior REW French angora buck -both relished the attention.


marjorie said...

My son just saw the Emily Yeung episode (8 years after it was filmed) and he'd like to know if HE can come pet the rabbits. If your company doesn't do that sort of thing, do you have any idea where I could take him to pet/play with rabbits? Thank you, Marjorie.

Cornerstone Fibres said...


We let out bunnies take part in the annual petting zoo at Rocking Horse downtown Kingston for easter so they will be there :)