Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And we're off to the ball game -again :)

Is she not the cutest little batter you have ever seen?? All colour co-ordinated in her pink ensemble LOL.
We're playing ball 4 nights a week -kids love it -mom is not so much -the bleachers are heck on the back. Stitches are healing well -so far looking good -all results came back today as clear so they got all the bad cells out. Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers that I can feel coming my way.
Daryl's dad is recovering well -he had his first liquid today -he said that it was the best tasting juice he ever had :)
On the bunny front Igloo delivered 6 fat and healhty kits -2 ruby eyed whites and 4 that look chinchilla YIPEEEEEEEE -I was so hoping for some more.


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Maggie's Farm said...

Good news on all fronts - good to hear it!! Batter UP!