Monday, June 08, 2009

Feeling Alive today :)

Don't know why but today is a GREAT day -cleaned up fibre bins, played with baby bunnies (we have 4 little popcorn satin angoras booting around now) with another 6 in the nest box, played with Java, and then came in the house to read a book. Fabulous day for doing whatever. Am anxioulsy awaiting another 6 litters of rabbits -two french angoras, one argent de'brun and three american chinchillas -can we say bunny overload (LOL)
I'm also eyeing my primitive rug jhooking kit I picke dup on the weekend -you use raw fleece or roving on burlap -I of course got the sheep pattern ;) No flowers for me LOL.

HUGS all -hope everybody is having a good monday!

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Henya said...

I love the photo, it is wonderful. I wish I could take a pip at your bunnies. They must be so cute.