Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby bunny pictures -WARNING -too darn cute!!!

So I finally made it out to the barn to take pictures of the first two litters to arrive -we still have 4 to go. There are 4 satin angoras born to willabond's Truffles (chocolate) x PR's Prince Val (registered lynx) -2 lilac torts, a lilac and a lilac pearl!!! Very cool :)
The other litter is 5 french angoras born to RM's Hollyhocks (registered black) x Fuzzies BCB (registered blue pointed whites -there are two pointed whites, a blue tort, a blue and an opal. Again very cool and unexpected colours. Love it!!!

Next up due is Spanish Oak's Igloo (registered white satin angora) bred to PR's Goblin (registered chinchilla satin angora). She's due tomorrow and was happily nesting when I left. Can't wait to see what pops out next :) UPDATE!!! Igloo had 6 sassy and fat babies -2 Ruby eyed white and 4 chinchilla -2 are black chinchillas the other two are blue or lilac chins by the looks of them -VERY VERY EXCITED!!!


andrea said...

Oh you are a BAD girl ...

they are adorable

I see more rabbits in my future :)

Tammy W. said...

Nope - I shouldn't have looked - you were right!

Amanda said...

OH.....I so miss my bunnies! I still have Sweetheart though! I've collected at least 7 ounces from her...waiting to be inspired for that special project!!