Saturday, July 09, 2011

Baby bunnies everywhere!

Okay we have a population explosion going on here::

3 litters of American Chinchillas 4kits,  3kits  and 6 kits
Champage D'argent X Brun - 4 kits arrived with mommy here from another breeder
Argente'D Brun - 7 kits -Callista's litter from the previous post
German hybrid litter - 4 babies -picture here
French Angora litter - 9 kits -picture here

Still to come:

Champange D'Argent X Argente D'Bleu -nesting now
American Chinchilla x2
French Angora
Satin Angora

We also have two rescues arrive here this week -a REW Mini-Rex doe from Tamara's lines (Peggy's niece) and a very nice little tort Holland Lop doe - 4 -her's coming Monday to pick one out for sure  maybe they'll take both :)
Its a good thing I have lots of people asking about bunnies -but they are so darn cute! I want to squeeze them all.

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