Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy Fiber Happenings :)

Well its been a busy two weeks first the Port Hope Fiber Gathering and this week the Canadian Doll Artist Association show and sale. Who knew fiber had so many beautiufl uses. Spinning, weaving and dyeing are just the tip of the iceburg. Felting both wet and needle, fusion with silk, free form creations of awesome proportions -it was so neat to see and touch it all. I also got to meet at long last Leslie Samson the lady who co-wrote Completely Angora!!! And got her seal of approval on my new German doe "Perfect" who I got from Julianna McMullan this spring. Can anything be better -well maybe the thought of getting a BLACK German from the new import lines this fall
Photos will be posted as soon as I get around to it - had a wonderful mothers day yesterday complete with breakfast in bed (burnt toast a la Jared and juice by Lindsay), lovely flowers a dozen roses in salmon and a dozen bright red tulips and new shoes -can we say completely spoiled :)
Off to re-pack teh fiber bins and do inventory now -hopping off!

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