Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ever get the urge......

To spin something different? For me I LOVE spinning angora but sometimes the urge to spin bulky yarns hits. And wool is perfect. Especially in bright vibrant colours perfect for felters yarn. Here's six of Louet's new Northern Lights colourways all spiun up into 4 ounce -65 yard skiens.
From left to right they are:

Meadow Trail
Peacock Feather
Wild Iris
Meadow Glade
Mulled wine
Fire Moss

Really really nice. There is one more that I didn't get called Fruit Punch -to me it looked too close to Mulled wine with out the nice rich tones. They are a merino cross wool so very soft with lots of loftiness to them. There are 26 colours in total I think.

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