Thursday, October 02, 2008

Playing with Fibre

I know I know three posts in one week -wow I think that is a first for me (grin)
Today was open studio at the KHWS studio and I had a blast playing with the drum carder there. I took some dyed mohair by Jared carded it by itself, with angora and finally with three different colour alpaca batts I got on Sunday at the Open House at Wilton Road Mill. The alpaca came from South Shore Alpacas and is lovely and soft. I love the results!!!
Funny thing is I didn't care for the mohair roving before it got carded and altered the colours......will have to try some more I think ;) Good thing the studio is open every Thursday so I can indulge my love of fibres with more equipment than I have now.
My other work in progress is a buttery soft brown merino fleece that has been washed and picked for the first time. I'm going to wash it a second time, pick it again and then card it -lovely stuff from Maggie's Farm!

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