Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My husband and his younger woman :)

I busted my hubby today with another woman snuggling on the couch :) Good thing its our adorable neice Brianne (age 2) -they snuggled down on the couch together for a nap - Brianne at first wanted nothing to do with him but today nobody but "Unka Daryl" was good enough to snuggle with LOL.
They are a cute couple though.....darn it she has everything blond curls, blue eyes and a smile that goes for miles.


Maggie's Farm said...

She is absolutely adorable (and he's kind of easy on the eyes himself!)

Maggie's Farm said...

Okay, Kim! We know it's a cute picture, but it's time for a new post! How is Darryl liking his new job? Does it agree with him? Thanks again for all your help at Rhinebeck and all the lovely goodies in my gift basket - you are TOO good to me!! Love ya!