Monday, April 08, 2013

Life and Death in equal measure

Last night we gathered to celebrate my dad 70th birthday a milestone for sure. As we gathered to wait to yell "surprise" and see his face, my sister sat with her beloved father in law and watched him pass away.  He fought so valiantly but finally he knew the peace of passing.

We thank the universe for both of these lives, both wise and caring and family men.  Both such vital and wonderful part of our lives.  We will gather together again later this week to once again celebrate life as a family.

Life and death intertwined in the eternal loop that is life.

I have been blessed beyond measure to have both of you in my life.

To Grandpa Rex - we are so grateful to have you in our lives every day.
To Grandpa Larry -safe travels as you move onto your next adventure - we are so blessed to know we have a wonderful guardian angel looking down on us.

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