Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some of the Lovely Ladies of Rocky Meadow Rabbits

Tonight was tattoo night at the barn so I brought the camera along to capture on film some of the "DIVAS" of Rocky Meadow Rabbits :)
We have RM's Look at Me -to be registered blue pearl French Angora
RM's Second Chance a regsitered broken sable French Angora
RM's Karma - registered black golden steel French Angora -had to take a close up shot of her wool coming in -its soooo luxurious to spin
RM's Flare - to be registered chinchilla Satin Angora
and last but not least RM's Shine - our newest junior American Chinchilla

Never let it be said I don't love coloured rabbits :)


Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Yes, that is sooooo nice! I can feel the fiber between my fingers now! The last angora you gave me is deep purple and drying on the guest room bed (remember your bed?)

andrea said...