Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Family :)

Here we are the whole crew at mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary -this was the only present my mom and dad wanted :)
Like my dad always says we may not live the high life but we sure live the good life!

Just so you know who everybody is from left to right:

Back row: My handsome and charming  hubby Daryl, my baby girl and Diva Lindsay, nephew Jeffery (Jeff and Sue's eldest), my handsome Jared, Alexander ( Jenniferand Glenn's youngest ) Jen's hubby Glenn, Kris (Jeff and Sue's younger son) Sara (Jeff and Sue's Diva), Serena (Jen and Glenn's Diva) my older brother Jeff and his wife Sue
Front Row: ME (LOL), my baby sister Jennifer, William ( Eric and Lorena's baby boy) Mom and Dad (those crazy kids), my baby brother Eric and his wife Lorena and their Diva Jada
Did I miss anybody -there are 19 of us all together

HUGS all

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