Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Back from Indianna -back to bunnies

Well after a fabulous 4 day away trip to Indianapolis we are back and the fall fibre and bunny shwo season is looming upon us.  I have a very few bunnies that will be for sale this fall:

American Chinchillas:
A4 – Senior Brood Doe -throws amazing babies
9PR2L – 6-8 Doe
RC1 – 6-8 Buck

Argente D'Brun:
6-8 Buck
unrelated Junior Doe
also have Junior Argent Doe carries Brun genetics

Junior REW French Angora Buck "Mojo"
Junior Broken Tort Satin Angora Doe "Beenie Bopper
Senior Copper Satin Angora Doe "Junie"

I would not be unhappy to keep them all -but if somebody is interested pictures are available :)

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