Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rabbits for sale:

Here they are 4 lovely Satin Angoras - Red Buck, Sable Pearl Buck, Tort buck and Broken Tort Doe.

Doe is unrelated to all three bucks.  They are all going to get their coats blown out and cleaned up -have to retrieve the blower from a friend who borrowed it for the fair :)
The sable pearl and red are littermates. Tort buck is from a different breeding.  The bucks are 5 months old -doe is three months old.  All have complete pedigrees, the doe cannot show as brokens are not recognized by ARBA to show. Asking $65 each. Will be taking them to the Finger Lakes Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.

UPDATE:  Red buck and Pearl buck are spoken for :) Tort buck is now sold as well.


Trish said...

Love the red buck. Sent you a FB msg. See you at Hemlock!

Henya said...

They are so cute! Wish i could have one. I can not, so I better wipe the drool off.