Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hemlock :)

Back from a fantastic weekend with Maggie. Wanted to post last night but we had no power at all from 6:30 till after 10pm.
Travelled down Friday to meet up with Maggie and help her set up the booth. We camped out in the back of my van with wool blankets and an air mattress -very fun but very cold Friday night LOL Oh well apparently I talk in my sleeep or so Maggie tells me.
Saturday was fabulous -fantastic people to meet and talk to, beautiful weather and surrounded by the wonderful scents of Maggies goatsmilk soap.  Met up with some funny bunny people who happily picked up their new fibre friends.  also found out Libby Llop our nationally ranked endurance rider friend had become a grandma that week. Welcome to the world Sylvia Helen!!!! May you be wonderfully blessed all your life -you already hit the grandma jackpot!
Of course purchased some fibre for spinning, a new drop spindle, some fantastic spices from a friend of Maggies (-her Herbs de Provance are amazing on a roasted chicken!) as well as a few other goodies.
Sunday after another fun and fibre filled day it was time to pack up and roll home to Canada -thank you again Maggie for another great adventure :)
Here's some of the new fibre working its way on the wheel to become "Hemlock" socks !  Is 60% wool 40% mohair from Steam Valley Fibres Colourway is Coastal Tides.

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