Thursday, January 28, 2010

Handspun Leftover Caps

Ever wonder what to do with all your leftover or small bits of handspun? Make leftover caps!!! Here's the latest two that I finished the red one is merino/silk with leftover of Blackberry cheesecake batt from Julianna the grey/blue one is mohair/silk sewing thread/ chestnut angora with natural grey shetland on top.
Am working on another one as I sit here recovering from dental surgery yesterday -full sedation is the way to go!!!! I am tolerating the pain with ibuprofen and ice. Swelling is not too bad and the pain is very low. Best of all I can eat -soft foods and have no nausea at all!!
HUGS all


Henya said...

I love the caps. they are so nice!
I hope to make it to the S&W, it all depends on when I have the baby and what condition I will be in afterwards.

andrea said...

Glad you are healing ok - my father in law could use a manly cap to keep his balding head warm in this cold :)

how go your bunnies?
email me an update if you get a chance