Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Why do people get animals when thy have no intention of keeping them

Yesterday saw a new arrival to us here. A person(s) unknown dropped a mixed breed doe off on my doorstep in a box with a note that read "She's pregnant -due January 20th Thanks". Well one I wish the person had of called me to tell me she was coming -its too damn cold to leave an animal in a box on a doorstep, two why did they breed her if they were not going to be responsible for her and three what the heck??? I kept thinking of all the awful scenarios had we not found her in time.

Shes a very sweet little animal really, not sure what breed she is lionhead mixed with?? Spotted lots of white, very little colouring. We've called her "Ragamuffin" and she'll get a forever home after kindles and after I can see what sort of temperment she is. She desperately needs to be groomed but at this stage I want to be very careful if she is bred. She feels like she is on inital check. She did get a teeth and nail check yesterday -amazingly no malaclusion which is so common of pet store rabbits.

Welcome to the barn little girl! Picture sposted after she settles in. Right now she's happily munching hay and drinking warm water.


andrea said...

I'm so glad they dumped her on you at least instead of in a parking lot or worse :(

thanks for caring

Henya said...

She is a very lucky bunny. Finding you is probably the best thing for her.

Maggie's Farm said...

You are such a gem, Kim. They brought her to the right place. I'm sure you'll be good to her, then put her babies in the stew pot! (hee, hee, hee, I'm so mean!!)