Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009 -Welcome 2010

The old year draws to a close. The new year is waiting with all its promises and hopes to come. We wait to see what it will bring.
The past year was highlighted with laughter and tears. Moments of joy and moments that brought us down to our knees to ask the universe "why?" We welcome new faces to the table and watched as once again chairs were pushed in never to be filled again in this lifetime. We celebrated with family and friends and enjoyed moments of quiet reflections in solitude. Life in all its beauty and torment was played out in 2009.

Daryl and I stand together at the open door at midnight to let the old year ebb out quietly with thanks and let the new year come in with all its bright promises. As we stand on this cusp once again we offer you all the love and laughter we can often. We also hope all bright blessings upon you all! We welcome you all to be a part of our lives and thank you for all you bring into it.

Happy New Year!!!!

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