Sunday, December 06, 2009

Back from Maggies Farm

Ohh what a wonderful weekend. I LOVE going to Maggies Farm. It is so wonderful to be there and get to help out in the barn. I got to help feed the crew and bottle feed Luna (who is soooo beautiful). And of course I had to go out and meet and greet Baby Thunder (VIS) and his entourage. Holly had to make sure I was safe LOL.
WE took part in the Plowshare Craft Show in Syracuse -what a fabulous show. So many talented craftpersons there with the best of course being Maggie and her wonderful wares.
Too soon it was time to go back to Canada and the kids. Not that they missed me LOL.
HUGS to all the critters and people on Maggies Farm thanks again for some wonderful memories.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Thank YOU for all you do to help and support me and my critters, Kim!! You are the cat's meow, the sheep's baa, and dog's woof! Glad you got home okay!