Friday, January 22, 2010

Whats new around here

Okay I have dug my way out of the boxes of arrivals to update the blog.

Am currently working on the following things:
Sorting Fibre as well as bagging up Jareds latest dyed lots of corriedale
Dealing with two children - wonderful though they are they are high mainenance (yes Lindsay I'm talking about you heehee)
Cleaning rabbit cages
Dealing with Ragamuffin losing her only kit -he got stuck in the birth canal due to supersized head
Dealing with the wimpiest dog in the world -its snow it will not eat you!
Getting psyched up to go the dentist this coming Wednesday to have wisom teeth pulled (thank you lord for full sedation dentistry)
Waiting for three more litters to arrive
Planning a trip to Florida
And best of all working on Operation Billy

Which involves the cutest little red angora goat buck at Maggies Farm -

to be trasported by me and Daryl (worlds greatest hubby) to rendezvous with Julianna another stunning fibre artist and bunny friend for delivery. I am so looking forward to seeing him -dibs on the baby coat!!!!!! It screams SPIN ME!!!!!

So pretty much life as normal. How is your day going?
HUGS all

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