Sunday, June 22, 2008

We only have one Dog really ;)

We often get phone calls from treed hydro men or gas readers who cannot figure out why they gate is closed with a "Dog on Loose" sign. We are often asked to contain both our dogs....but we only have one we reply -the other one only comes to visit LOL.
Our neighbours dog Zigi -a stunning Hungarian Viizla and Java our own maurading baby have formed a deep friendship. they were not content playing side by side at the fence so we now have a dog friendly pass through in the fence so they have free run of both yards.
Of course this means we must be free to throw balls and toys and provide treats for the "kids". Here they are - aren't they a pretty pair??? We worry if the neighbours ever leave and they have said the same. Both dogs are inseperable -they mope when they are not together :)

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Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Java is soooo beautiful! And what a great shot! It should be hanging in a frame on your living room wall! I'm glad she has such a classy, fun friend!