Sunday, August 27, 2006

Why I LOVE satin angoras

Well since eating my words about never having satin angoras (the actual phrase used was when hell freezes over) here I am the proud breeder/owner of a herd of them. Skating in hell has been fun so I'm now a convert to these wonderful and shiny oh so shiny rabbits.
We currently have 2 bucks BCM's Dom Perrignon a spectuacular chocolate pearl from Boxcar Menagerie and HH's Dan Patch a beautiful heavily marked broken chestnut and 4 does HH's Glitter - copper, BCM's Rosie - lilac tort, BCM's Silk - black and last but not least CP's Gingersna[p - registered fawn. Patch and Glitter have just become parents for the first time and have 8 healthy kits! There is a really neatly marked broken in the litter that I swear has tiger stripes! Pics of him/her and Perry are here for you to admire. And yes the fiber is a dream to spin -all shiny and shimmery.

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