Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thinking outside the box ...or is that inside

Today a HUGE shipment arrived from the mill-I had purchased a large quanity of roving from another sheep breeder this one in Northern Ontario near the Quebec border -she has romney/corriedale and BFL crosses -very very nice! (gasp I know what was I thinking do i not have enough fibre yet) and today it arrived -all soft and fluffy and white except for the skiens of yarn ordered for Jared to dye into multicoloured sock yarn. Of course there was a fight over the big box! And the winner was... Shenaningans who at 14 is still top cat. Nemesis went to sulk and look out the window as if to say "I don't care, have the silly box." Grimjack went to sleep on the bed -he doesn't need a box he has the BED. LOL its his till the little girl sees it and makes off with it. Jared will be too busy dyeing wool frantically for the upcoming Ontario handspinners Conference -I've booked a table so his fans can "Meet the artist".

BTW Maggie he's already counting down the days till summer as he is wanting to go see the really nice farm with Hannah and all the fun things to do :) Lindsay just wanted to know if Luke and the kitties will be there.



Henya said...

How cool! your 10 year old will dye the yarn! wait until I tell my kids, they love fiber and keep wanting to play with it. What does he use as a coloring agent?
Got to love the kitties.

Cornerstone Fibres said...

We use Koolaid an dvinegar in the crock pot -very easy and the colours are amazing!! Very fun for him and his sister who is 7.

Maggie's Farm said...

Hannah and Luke are coming on June 25 or 26 and will stay for a month. Oh,yes, "Kitties are Us!"