Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back from Maryland

Oh what a wonderful trip. Drove down Wednesday to Maggie's Farm and got to help with the chores (grin) I loved seeing all the sheep and goats and of course Chris the llama. Doggies too - bribed (I mean made friends) with everybody including Java's sister Tanner. Thursday morning we rolled out Maggie, her friend Carol ( asuper talented knitter) and myself. We also met some many other people along the way including Libby a long distance endurance rider who's cell phone Screams "MOOOOOMMM" when her sons call. Sales were fantastic even though the weather wasn't. I even got to drive the truck and trailer on the way home WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Maggie won Best in Show with her amazing picture -you have to check out her blog to see it!! She also makes the most amazing tote bags, wonderful soap, and of course stunning roving. Maryland is lucky to have her attend.

After a long drive to Maggies with a short pit stop I headed back to Canada and sunshine. Here's a picture of the Strawberry Inn B&B -is this not stunning!!!! I'm so willing to go again :) Can I Maggie huh huh -I'll drive the truck (smiles) and do chores.

HUGS all

off to get ready for Canidaigua on Saturday for the Angora Nationals - my kids don't need me do they?


andrea said...

glad you are home safe :)

Maggie's Farm said...

Can't believe you would sign up for more! Sounds great to me! We need to figure out where we are going to stay. I would camp but no showers. Maybe we could rig something up? Hoist a bucket up in a tree and tip it with a rope? Now that would be something...So glad you drove the last leg. You are a fantastic teamster!

Henya said...

It was so good to meet you. thank you for the needles, yes I have already cast on. And thank you for spotting the bag I left behind.