Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's baseball season again

It's phone calls and tryouts, uniforms and publicity. Jared is playing for his third year, Lindsay her second. Daryl and I are convening the Mosquito division (meaning we co-ordinate 8 teams and coaches) as well as helping with diamond improvements and publicity. If you can't find me head over to the ball diamonds chances are I'll be there :)
On a person front I had two small lumps removed from my back on Friday -8 stitches later I am very sore. Spinning is out for the time as is any lifting. Odds are they are not malignant but all I can say is check yourself carefully - if marks appear, change colour or spread GET to the doctors!!!!

Happy holidays all -we ar ehaving our first long weekend of summer -complete with torential downpour and thunder and lightning! Perfect for the Kingston Thuders newest mascot STORM!!! Here's our new logo and mascot costume design.

HUGS all

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Maggie's Farm said...

Best wishes for a good season with lots of fun and no injuries! I hope you leave some time for a visit to Maggie's Farm!!