Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back from the Nationals

What a trip -I swear everytime I go to the US lately there is wild weather LOL. First it was the torential rain of Maryland, yesterday is was the wild and black skies of Canidagiua -we heard a rumour that there was even a small tornado touchdown near us!!! YIKES!

Anyway did very well with the two juniors I took down to show. They are full littermates RM's B.O.B. a junior chocolate buck and RM's Look at Me a surprise as she is a BLUE Cream (pearl). Both placed 3rd in their classes. I heard some awesome comments on both especially the doe -one judge told me her type and body were "awesome" denisty was "very promising" and that she was a keeper or if she was for sale she got first dibs on her :) I even got a picture of the elusive Peggy LOL.

Anyways Happy Mother's Day all -off to brunch with my crew and my mommy too!


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