Wednesday, May 27, 2009

German Angora Delivery run coming soon

A friend of mine is overrun with purebred German angoras so I'm going to be a Canadian delivery service for her for anybody looking for some new stock.

"This year's breedings were very successful and I was blessed with over 40 pure German kits! Three of the does gave birth to 10 kits each and 3 other's had normal sized litter's of 4. The pairings are from the 2006 import lines and the 2002 import lines bred with the 2006 import lines. Unfortunately, I can't keep all of the kits and most will be available to go to new homes by the end of the Summer."

Asking $200 for does
$175 for bucks
discounts for trios.

Anybody wanting a bunny contact me and I'll add you to the growing list :) Good thing the van holds lots!



Maggie's Farm said...

Please put me down for two does. Can I meet you at the border or can you bring them when you come to visit Hannah and Luke?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

No problems honey -I'll get Sally to meet me and we'll get them to you :) Am waiting for the passports to arrive -they should be any day now.
Hopefully its warmer when the kids are here -we had baseball last night with mom in angora/wool socks and a winter coat!!!