Monday, May 25, 2009

Updating the rabbit for sale list :)

It's time before the fall litters start hitting the ground:

Satin Angoras:

Senior Lynx buck - lower sheen than I would like for show but parents are both registered

French Angoras:

Ruby Eyed White doe -has one ear that droops -SOLD
Ruby Eyed White buck
Broken Chestnut Buck
Chocolate Agouti Buck

Ruby eyed white 1/2 French Angora 1/2 Jersey Wooly doe -a mini french angora in looks and coat structure -was given to me by somebody so I'm not sure exactly how old she is -no more than 2 though -SOLD

Also my sister in law has some English angoras if anybody is looking:
English Angora
All bucks all seniors
Tort.Choc. vm
Tort.Lilac vm
Lilac vm

VM means they have a white mark on them caused by the Blue Eyed white genetic so they can carry it! She is asking $50 each for these guys!

Pictures and pedigree information coming soon -need to find the camera LOL


andrea said...

your devil horns are showing again ;)

I'm offline for a couple of weeks - log in for the first time in ages to your blog and what do you have posted??? RABBITS ... gah.. will email you when I stop laughing ;)

Cornerstone Fibres said...


sorry will stop now :)