Thursday, March 05, 2009

Taking a quick break from spinning but not from fleece

So I have three skeins of yarn completed slated to go into shawl kits -yarn,pattern and needles all packed in cute little felt cloth bags (yes I apparently do have too much time on my hands who knew) and decided to give the wheel the day off. Instead I headed down to the Kingston Guild for open studio and borrowed their Paula Simmons Wool Picker -note to self - bring band-aids next time! and picked through the fleece that is sitting here calling my name :)
Is it not stunning -I'm thinking of spinning it as is and then attempting the Ashford "Iconic New Zealand Jersey" Pattern found in one of the old wheel issues. Here's the link:

HMMMMMMMM what do you think -it LOOks easy enough even for the idiot knitter known as me LOL.

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