Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to school??

Okay so Monday its back to school -or is it?? We just found out today that the bus company that gets Jared to and from his literacy program and gets both kids to and from school could be on strike as of Monday!!! Yikes please pray this gets settled very quickly -the logisitics of driving two kids two different schools at different times can get very busy! Add in babysitting my niece and picking her brother at his school and ohhh the headaches.
I'm off to the barn now -the bunnies don't care about school -all they want is to be fed, petted and in Luke and Lokis case -girls LOTS of girls please LOL. They're just jealous cause Sam our stunning REW satin angora buck got to play with the girls this week. Luke if you could sweet talk Calypso with out getting torn up -she's all yours!
Peace all

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