Sunday, March 29, 2009

Got fibre and Yarn

The answer is YES!!!!!! And new bunnies too. Back from the Fulton rabbit show yesterday -actually won a class with one of my meat rabbits - a6-8 American Chinchilla buck (rare breed but oh so pretty). And of course its not a good show unless a new bunny or two. Brough home a beautiful junior French angora buck -chestnut agouti from Joan Hastings and then aquired a stunning castor mini-rex buck for Jared to show. This fellow is soo quiet. He was going to be sold to the snake meat guy but I convinced the owner to let me take him instead. We are also going to use him as a therapy visit rabbit -he was so quiet when we clipped his nails and clipped one too short he just flinched -didn't jump or scream at all. Kids have named him "Soren" -I'll get a picture of him later on when he's had time to settle in.

But back to the main title -here's the latest yarns and angora fibre available from Cornerstone Fibres - makes you want to jump in and roll around it all :)

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Maggie's Farm said...

Glad you saved the bunny. I need a German stud bunny, in case you ever hear of one. Had my heart set on a new litter in June so Hannah and Luke can play with them and get them nice and tame for me. Kudos on the win!