Monday, March 09, 2009

Back to spinning and yet another fibre delivery :)

Okay I'm back -spinning more of Maggies amazing fibre -I love this colour combination of purples, teals and blues -its done and hanging in the bathroom to dry along with some of Maggies golden rusts that we blended with angelina for a little glittery effect.
Perfect time for yet another fiber delivery :) This one came from Tammy Ward at Kalwa Taure Shetlands. Gorgeous fresh from the mill roving as well as some of Jard's overdyed creations that she has decided to let go of. Jared loves the effect of overdyeing moorit and grey shetland and I do too. Too many people don't realize that natural undercolours can really change and enhance the fiber when dyed!
Weather outside is BLEAH - freezing rain mixed with snow -just enough to ice everything over very slick. Spring come soon!!!


Maggie's Farm said...

I agree with you there...I especially like the effect of purple dye on variegated black fleece! Thanks for the compliments on my fiber!!

Maggie's Farm said...

PS...glad you like purples, greens and blues b/c there's a 99 pound run of it at the mill right now to be delivered to Maryland!!! Hope you will relieve me of some it it!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Don't toy with me like this -you knowe I'm so easily talked into more fibre (LOL)