Friday, March 27, 2009

Can your kid lift 228lbs??

I'm all for resonsibility and for teaching my son the value of money. HOWEVER I cannot let my son haul this weeks load of newspapers alone- why??? Because it has a combined weight of 228lbs!!! This is our local weekly paper for cripes sakes -it alone weighs 5 ounces but add all the flyers and other junk and its 3.5lbs EACH bundle. This from a paper that is bragging how green they are going and how they are concious of the enviornment! Normally Jared carries them all in his delivery bag and we walk the route -not going to happen this time -mom is driving him to each street and we will take them in sections.
Glossy inserts, flyers for every store known to mankind and more junk!
I've complained to the paper and their response is he gets paid for it so big deal. Big deal is back and wrist injuries on an 11 year old. Not happening.

Java says "phoey on all the work i'm going to sleep on the couch"

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Maggie's Farm said...

I'm with you on the insert issue. I've hated them for years. Full of poisons and not a single bit of good information. Can't use them in the fire and they slide out onto the floor when I pick up the paper to read it. I would drive him, too.

Oh, Java is so pretty! I can't get over those markings!