Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet Soren and Oreo

So in the previous post I mentioned Soren -who is a stunningly nice red mini-rex buck. Well today he got joined by Oreo a really cute little Holand Lop (?) doe. She was dropped off here by somebody who asked me if I took in stray rabbits. I told them to take her to the shelter but they couldn't be bother and were going to dump her at the park as "rabbits can survive in the wild". So of course a space was found here for her. They don't know how old she is for sure -I'm guessing a year or two as she's very nice -and friendly. She's going to stay here till I can find her a new home or unless I grow too attached to her LOL. she's tangled with somebody at sometime as there is the sore on her ear.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Thanks for finding me a German buck! I'll take the lost little lop bunny if you want me to. She's a cutie. Bless your heart, Kim!