Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling snappy today

Finally finally got the mortgage information and transfer done. Paperwork augh now I know why I must never work in an office again! Then its off to take care of insurance changeovers and details, Then its booking appointments for kids and hubby.

At last you think you have a moment of peace to sit but nooooooo my sister calls to let me know what is going on in her little world -like I CARE she spent $300 on a bottle of wine last weekend -can you tell me we live in two very different worlds. She feels hard done by as her hubby tells her they can only redo the kitchen and take two weeks vaction to Europe this year instead of the 4 weeks she wanted to. Oh my gosh poor baby.
I do love her -even if she tells you I tried to trade her for a puppy (yes yes I did). In my defense It was MY birthday and my parents told me she was my present and my parents had promised me a puppy so I thought I could exchange her at the pet store for something better. I was three it made perfect sense to me. 20 years later I got the dog -much better as far as I'm concerned. LOL. The dog and I understand each other and can talk meaninfully about real life.

Oh well I'm going into my therapy session now -my spinning wheel, some fantastic CDs and a nice cup of tea with loads of sugar and cream. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

*The picture is a real turtle take at Peggy's Farm last summer -her dog had dragged her onto the porch and we had to move her VERY carefully -man can those things move fast and reach far! I LOVE turtles.

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