Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Support your local fibre producer ~~

Got a call yesterday that the first batch of fleeces I had sent to the local fibre mill was done :)
I had purchased some fleeces from a local shetland producer and send them to be made into roving for the dyewizard Jared and his lovely assistant Lindsay to work with. Her's a picture of the 20lbs of white all bagged up and ready to go. And the first two dyepots in the works. Perfect timing as the kids have a snow day (*freezing rain mixed with snow) today so they are happily planning out the colours :) Good thing as we were running short!
We're still waiting for the brown/grey fleeces to be done -they got dropped off later. Its more money to buy the raw fleeces but so worth it in my opinion -this way everything is locally produced and the person who raised the sheep gets a proper salary for their fleece. The local wool co-op only pays $1 -$1.50 a pound or so I have been told. That is so not fair!
I know there are some fibres and spinning items I have to buy overseas but whenever possible try to BUY LOCAL -support your fibre producers!
Wool can be purchased homegrown as can alpaca., llama, yak, angora, mohair and more so think about it!
HUGS all

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