Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally-Baby Bunny Pictures

I finally got the camera out to the barn to get pictures of the new arrivals here at Rocky Meadow Rabbits.

We have three from Wilbond's Graycie -registered Lilac satin angora x Prospect's Rabbitry Dimple -registered lynx satin angora -all boys of course LOL. 2 Lynx and 1 Lilac. The keeper is RM's Kaede -pictured here. If only he would pose to show how built he really is -he's just coming on three months old -check out that coat -Nationals here we come!!

Next up we have the all white litter of Spanish Oaks' Igloo -ruby-eyed white satin angora X HH's White Knight -regsitered ruby-eyed white satin angora
Have't figured out who is staying yet -they were born Boxing Day and are growing well.

Last but certainly not least we have Windwater's Crescent Moon -registered broken black french angora X RM's NoName -regsitered chocolate agouti french angora buck.
5 wildly different coloured kits -2 brokens -chocolate and black and three solids - sable, blue and chocolate -there may be a steel in there too -both parents could carry it.

We still have one litter of French angoras due on February 4th -an all white French litter planned with Fuzzie's Class Act - ruby-eyed white X Fuzzies Lucky Lucus -registered Ruby-eyed white.

Wish I could keep them all!!!!


Tammy W. said...

Ooh Kim - baby bunnies - they are so cute. Glad I'm allergic. Now - if only I were allergic to sheep!

Maggie's Farm said...

There is nothing as cute as baby bunnies...makes me want to have a litter of Germans this spring. I know Hannah and Luke would be in heaven...but every time I have to tote gallon jugs of warm water through bunnyland I think twice!