Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Knitting needles

BIG box arrived late last night - over 500 pairs of knitting needles and bamboo crochet hooks too. Was very excited to see that they have introduced a new length of circulars 40 inches -whioch have been requested for those who like to knit two socks on one needle -wayyyy beyond my capabilites.

Kids were happy to sort and price for me though followed by a reward trip to Chapters for new books. And McDonalds of course -I don't think there are too many kids who don't love the golden arches.

Weather here is still very very cold but I'm hoping to get up to Ottawa to skate on the canal -it must be the Dutch in me coming out ;) But I'm still Canadian enough to want my hot chocolate and beaver tail.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Those Mei-Mei needles are fantastic. They feel so good in my hands! I used to be a Brittany fan but I think the MM needles are a bit stronger. I broke so many Brittanys!