Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to school and back to work

Well the kids headed back to school today. Grudgingly I might add. Threats of freezing rain last night but good this morning. Thank goodness slipping and slidding out to the barn to feed rabbits is not my idea of a good time. 6 new French angoras arrived safe and sound last night. Qucik nose count and then back to mommy before she panics. I'm not one who seperates mom from babies unless necessary. They need to be with their mommy. I am always amazed how mother rabbits willingly bare their entire body to ensure their little ones have enough warmth. I'm aslo amazed at how they quickly decide who is and isn't good in their litter. Sad reality of rabbit raising is if momma doesn't want them and pulls them from the others there is normally something wrong with them and its best to let them go. So far the Christmas litter of 6 satin angoras are doing great -little guys have some awesome coats growing in!! Have to bring the camera out there and get pictures.
Back to the house and work load. Sorting fibre, writing out knitting patterns, sorting drop spindles for upcoming class in February -its so much fun though. Also need to get the dyepots fired up -Jared's creations are almost sold out again.
Time to get spinning again now that I can put on the music and spin to my hearts content!
HUGS all

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