Friday, January 09, 2009

January Fibre of the month Sale -Cashmere

Lets kick off the years celebration of Year of Natual Fibre! I aske dmy web and blog listers to start me off on the fibre of the month and the votes so far are in.
We'll start off the Fibre of the Month Sale with Cashmere :) Unfortunately I haven't found a local supplier (YET) so this will come from Louet.
A 2 ounce package -your choice of natural brown or offwhite -normally $43-$48 for 2 ounces on sale now for $35.

For those of you who don't know here is some background information on Cashmere:

"Cashmere comes from a GOAT??!!!" Time and again breeders have heard this statement expressing such surprise. Yes, the exalted luxury fibre classed as cashmere comes from the modest, unassuming little goat. The fibre is so extraordinary, one expects that it should come from some wild, exotic creature, rarely seen by human eyes.

Most goats, other than Angoras, produce an underdown. If the fibre is long enough and fine enough it can be classed as cashmere. Cashmere goats are goats which have been specifically bred for the cashmere fibre. The amount and quality of the fibre is vastly superior than in goats not specifically bred for cashmere fibre production. Angora goats produce mohair, but will not produce cashmere.

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